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Family Pharmacy is proud to offer cataract surgery and LASIK patients the convenience of our Combination Drop for pre/post surgical treatment.

We’ve combined the most commonly used into two and three drug combinations in a single bottle that offers ease of use and will save time and money.

Our specialzed pharmacist have taken the most commonly used drops and have combined them into two and three drug combinations. By offering a single bottle compound, we have made it easier for use, fiscal management, and for saving time!

Benefits and Features:

  • Solution v. Suspension:
    • Because our Combination Drops are prepared in solution rather than suspension, there is no shaking required prior to use. Users will always receive the proper amount of medication per dose.
  • Convenience
    • Our compounded formula will not only allow the user to instill drops from a single bottle, rather than several, but will save aggravation and time.
  • Cost Savings
    • Typical user cost(s) are one-third to one-half the out of pocket co-pay charges of individual brands or generic drops.

Available in these combinations:

  • Prednisolone 1%/Moxifloxacin 0.5%/Ketorolac 0.5%
  • Prednisolone 1%/Bromfenac 0.09%
  • Prednisolone 1%/Moxifloxacin 0.5%/Bromfenac 0.09%


Family Pharmacy is committed to producing the highest quality compounds. Our sterile ophthalmic preparations are compounded in our state-of-the-art clean room and are tested by an independent laboratory for sterility and potency.