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Custom Compounding & next generation DNA sequencing technologies provide patients with incredible results.

Family Pharmacy works with MigoGenDx, an accurate Nationwide pathology company dedicated to providing reliability diagnostic care to all health care providers and patients.

MicroGenDx is a CAP accredited, CLIA licensed clinical diagnostic laboratory providing physicians and their patients with the most advanced molecular based microbial testing available.

The laboratory utilizes next generation DNA sequencing technologies to identify pathogenic microbes within patient samples.

"MicroGenDx  offers DNA guided, personalized medicine for wound care."

In this way, MicroGenDx  can:

  • Identify specific organisms contributing to the patient’s disease state on an individual sample basis.
  • Provide true Personalized Medicine for physicians and their patients.
  • Provide medicinal solutions with the help of our affiliated pharmaceutical partners.

The dramatic advantages MicroGenDx offers over traditional culture based analysis have been clearly cited in our published work. The following are some of the findings:

-99% of chronic wounds are polymicrobial, with high abundance levels.

-This means that there are almost always many different organisms present in a wound contributing to the infected state of a wound bed. The challenge here is that many of these microorganisms are very different from each other, and require special attention.

-Less than 5% of known wound microbes can be grown using traditional culture technique

-This means that the majority of the microbes (over 95%) contributing to the community of organisms within the biofilm allowing the wound to persist will NOT be detected using traditional culture techniques.

-The limitations of traditional culture techniques lead to increased treatment cost through longer treatment times, more invasive medical interventions, and a higher incidence of progressed complications.

-Most importantly, this leads to increased pain and suffering.

-MicroGenDx empowers the physician to treat the bioburden with DNA level certainty.

-The microbial Bioburden is a significant barrier for all chronic wounds, regardless of etiology

-As a universal barrier, we must make it a universal strategy to utilize molecular diagnostics to maximize healing outcomes.

-The microbial Bioburden is the only barrier to healing completely in the clinician’s control to manage. (Journal of Wound Care 2011; 20: 5, 232)

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With molecular diagnostics offered by MicroGenDx,, physicians are able to know exactly which micro-organisms are present in any given wound. Once the pathogenic organisms are identified, medications can be selected and ratios adjusted to specifically address the individual wound bed, thereby allowing for a precise treatment that ultimately expedites healing — 2 to 5 times faster in most cases. These specifically developed treatments are often referred to as Personalized Medicine. Furthermore, most insurance companies cover our services.