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Patient Advisory Pamphlet and Instructions

You’ll receive a Patient Advisory Pamphlet with your prescription. You can also download a copy of your brochure here. This pamphlet includes general information about your medication, as well as information on how much and how often you should take/apply it.  If you have any questions about your medication, or the instructions aren’t clear, please contact one of our pharmacists.

You can also find information about your medication here:


Expiration and Beyond Use (Discard) Date – Compound Products Only 

Your prescription’s label also includes information about the expiration date and the Beyond Use Date of the medication.

The expiration date is the last day when you can call us for a refill (either because your maximum number of refills has been reached, or the prescription you got from your provider has expired.)

The Beyond Use (Discard) date is when the medication should be discarded, as it has reached its effective date of drug stability and we can’t guarantee its potency and efficacy.