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diabetic neuropathy cream

Understanding Effectiveness of Diabetic Neuropathy Cream

Living with diabetes sucks, luckily diabetic neuropathy cream exists. The likelihood of experiencing neuropathy is high for those who do not manage their blood sugar levels. Having control of such factors is vital to treating and preventing diabetic neuropathy. As you work on managing diabetes, there are many multiple treatments available from oral medicine to compounded pharmacy grade creams.

In this article, we will explain how diabetic neuropathy cream can literally make a night and day difference in the relief it provides for those who struggle with neuropathic pain.

4 Different Types of Neuropathy

First, and foremost, neuropathy isn’t an all-inclusive condition limited to one part of the body. Neuropathy has four different types all of which affect the body differently. 

Peripheral Neuropathy – This type of neuropathy is sadly the most common. This form of diabetic neuropathy results in pain throughout a patient’s arms, legs, hands, and even feet. Pain such as sharp stabbings, tingling in arms, numbness and even feelings of heat or cold can make life very uncomfortable. 

Autonomic Neuropathy – This form of neuropathy is a silent killer, in part due to it affecting nerves that involve the heart and blood pressure, and other extremely essential bodily systems. Autonomic neuropathy symptoms include indigestion problems, lots of nauseous, dizziness, and even sexual dysfunctions or hypoglycemia.

Proximal Neuropathy – This form of neuropathy affects mainly the thighs, hips, and buttocks as well as the legs and can even promote weakness in the legs which eventually makes it difficult to sit or stand for long periods of time. 

Focal Neuropathy – More common with adults, this form of neuropathy creates problems with vision and causes acute pain throughout many different parts of the body. The pain will be smaller and typically is caused by past trauma such as a major accident or blow to the nerves. Most often in the head, torso, and or legs.

How Do You Treat Neuropathy Pain?

Treatment for neuropathy is available but unfortunately, there is no known cure. Everyone experiences neuropathy differently, some experience more tingling in their toes while others may experience more severe symptoms. While it may be hard to accept, the true way to manage diabetic neuropathy is by managing your lifestyle and sugar intake.

High blood sugar is the hallmark of diabetes. Controlling other factors such as your blood pressure b avoiding foods high in fat and sugar also helps. Smoking tobacco products can also affect the way your blood circulates, so it is recommended by doctors to stop all forms of smoking. Since diabetic neuropathy can cause nerve damage to the extremities, it’s critical that your doctor checks your feet at least once per year to avoid any problems or for loss of sensation.


Why Use Diabetic Neuropathy Cream?

There are many choices for treating this disease one common is using a topical cream ointment that can relieve most if not all of the pain created by damaged nerves. Severe nerve pain is hard to live with but with many diabetic neuropathy cream choices, relief is near. Within just one hour of use, a pharmacist’s recommended neuropathy cream will help you get back on your feet.

Best applied as instructed by your doctor, neuropathy cream will help alleviate pain. Depending on the ingredients inside of the formulas some work by blocking the nerve sensors, whole others will stimulate pain receptors, which causes a burning sensation then followed by a reduction of pain. OTHers block pain receptors completely to relevant andy pain transmission. The compounded agents inside of many topical creams are safe and effective. 

Other treatments such as supplements like Neurazenx  are great for treating this type of pain. It is one of the most comprehensive nerve support & neuropathy pain supplements on the market. It is formulated by pharmacists, physicians & podiatrists.

This neuropathy pain cream alternative includes 20 science & research-backed ingredients consisting of these high-quality pharma grade ingredients:

Benfotiamine, Organic Turmeric, Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA), L-Arginine, L-carnitine (ALC), Moringa oleifera, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B9, Vitamin E, and Magnesium. The highest quality vitamins, minerals, herbs, and supplements packed into one convenient nerve support formula.